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Park Your Real Estate License or Sell Actively

Park Your Alberta Real Estate License for Less

Standard Realty Co. is ideal for real estate agents who are retiring, need time for maternity leave, or are tired of paying high fees and dues

Standard Realty Co. offers three monthly plans that allow you to save money and maximize your hard earned commissions and referral fees.  Having your Alberta real estate license registered with Standard Realty Co. allows you to trade in real estate, earn commissions & real estate / mortgage referral fees, and avoid costly delays and expense to reactivate your license if it lapses.  If you are new to the real estate industry and not quite ready to trade full time we can help you keep your license active and earn referral income.  If you are retiring, need to take time off for maternity leave, or you just want to take a break from the business for a while Standard Realty Co. is the cost effective choice to keep your license active.   When you join Standard Realty Co. you can work full-time, part-time, or not at all!  Standard Realty Co. offers agents of all backgrounds and experience the opportunity to keep their licenses active and participate in real estate transactions anywhere in the province of Alberta.  Visit our frequently asked questions page for more details.


keep your real estate license current and active

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is the only licensing authority in the Province of Alberta and has strict licensing guidelines for the real estate industry.  If your license is not registered with a brokerage you cannot trade in real estate and, if you are not registered with a brokerage for a year or more, you will need to provide RECA with a certified criminal record check.  You DO NOT have to be a member of a local board or provincial / national association to trade in real estate.

board fees, provincial dues & fees, and national dues & fees

If you belong to a real estate brokerage and you are active in listing, showing, and selling full-time Standard Realty Co. may not be the best fit for you.  If you are inactive in your real estate business and tired of paying monthly board and board access fees, provincial and national fees & dues then you need to STOP throwing your money away and contact Standard Realty Co.



enjoy your freedom

If you are retired, less active, or wanting to take a break, Standard Realty Co.'s brokerage model allows you to keep more of your hard earned commissions and referral fees so you can keep your license active and enjoy your freedom.


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