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Mortgage Referral Program Standard Realty Co. Alberta

Licensed real estate agents can earn income by referring their home buying and mortgage refinance clients to our preferred mortgage partner. 

Are you tired of mortgage brokers who promises your clients things that are never delivered?  Are you still waiting for that mortgage referral fee on a deal that closed eight months ago?  Are you looking for a mortgage broker partner that treats you and your clients with respect, gets your deals funded, and pays referral fees in a timely manner? 

Standard Realty Co. has a terrific mortgage broker partner, Canadian Mortgage Lender (CML).  When you send your home purchase and refinance clients to our preferred mortgage broker partner, your clients will get the best rates and best terms available for their particular situation.  Additionally, you will be paid a referral fee of 30% of the commission earned on the funded mortgage whether you are an agent with Standard Realty Co. or any other real estate brokerage in Alberta.  

Remember, you can actively sell residential, commercial, and rural real estate with Standard Realty Co., or you can step back from your real estate business and park your Alberta real estate license with Standard Realty Co. and earn real estate AND mortgage referral fees. 

When you talk to your clients about their real estate needs don't forget to tell them that Canadian Mortgage Lender (CML) can help them refinance their home or finance their purchase whether it be residential, commercial, or rural real estate.


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