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Park Your Real Estate License or Sell Actively

Alberta Real Estate License Parking Options

Inactive real estate agents in the Province of Alberta can park and maintain their license at minimal cost and earn referral fees.

It defeats the purpose of joining a real estate brokerage to give yourself a competitive edge unless you have some choices of HOW you’re going to achieve maximum profitability and increase your bottom line.  Below you will find three monthly plans that give you options based on your particular business model.  Check out our three custom options!

            $29 per month plan


This low monthly fee keeps your license active and allows you to either actively sell or sit back and rest easy knowing that your registration is current. Of course, the brokerage charges a small deal fee for every transaction.* Click here for more info.


             35% flat rate plan


 That about says it all! No monthly fee, no deal fees, no desk fee, just 35% off the top of any referral fee or commission income that you earn.  If circumstances change you can move to one of our other monthly plans anytime!**

          call us!


        unlimited monthly deals


This plan is for the agent who is doing at least two transactions a month. The monthly fee of only $229.00 covers everything, so do as many deals as you like and remember that you're covered for both your desk fee and unlimited monthly transactions.

* deal fee is the lessor of 10% of the referral fee or $129.00. ie; if referral fee is $600.00, deal fee is $60.00
** some conditions apply to changing from an existing percentage plan to a monthly plan per the agent contract 2017