Standard Realty Co. Alberta | License Parking Brokerage
Park Your Real Estate License or Sell Actively

$29 per month plan

Park your Alberta real estate license with Standard Realty Co. and we will hold it for only $29 per month!

Standard Realty Co.'s $29 per month plan gives you the benefit of being licensed to trade real estate in Alberta without having to pay fees to the local board, and provincial / national associations.  Standard Realty Co. NOT does not affiliate with any real estate board in Alberta or the provincial and national associations. $29 per month and Standard Realty Co. will park and hold your real estate license.

Is $29 still too much?  We understand, every penny counts!  Here is how we can bring the cost even lower!  We will give you the following discounts when you pay your monthly fee in advance (fees displayed do not include GST)

     10% monthly discount

We will give you a ten percent discount on your monthly fees if you pay three months in advance.  When you pay in advance your monthly fee goes from $29.00 to $26.10.  When you pay three months in advance you do not need to worry about another monthly bill cluttering your email inbox.

    20%  monthly discount

We will extend a twenty percent discount to you when you pay your fees six months in advance!  Our six month payment in advance plan allows you to save over $34.00!  Your effective monthly fee becomes $23.20 with the added bonus of not having to worry about paying your brokerage fees for over 180 days!

  33% monthly discount

You will save almost one third the cost of your monthly fees when you choose to pay twelve months in advance with our 33% annual discount!  When you choose Standard Realty Co.’s pay in advance annual plan you will save $114.84 and bring your effective monthly fee down to a mere $19.43!

What if you pay for twelve months but you decide to leave Standard Realty Co. after three months? 

Simply put, we will charge for the plan that would best reflect the duration that you were actually registered with Standard Realty Co. for and refund the remainder of the advanced payment.

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