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Standard Realty Co. allows real estate agents in the Province of Alberta to park their license or sell residential, commercial, or rural real estate.

park your alberta real estate license

If you are thinking of taking a break, or for that matter leaving the real estate business for good, you should think twice!  Did you know that if you are not licensed or if your license is not registered with an Alberta real estate brokerage, you cannot trade in real estate in Alberta?  We park licenses for only $29.00 per month. You will save a significant amount of money every month because Standard Realty Co. does not belong to any real estate board in Alberta.  No board fees, no listing fees, no membership fees and no association fees.    It took effort, time, and money to get your license so why not keep it active in case you want to get back into the business on a full time basis sometime in the future?  We park licenses so you can save money!


sell residential and rural real estate

Are you a member of a real estate marketing team?  Do you know that you do not need to be a member of your local real estate board in order to trade in real estate in the province of Alberta?  When you join Standard Realty Co. you will NOT be spending your hard earned money on high fees to a brokerage, board, or with provincial and national associations.  You can still be part of a marketing team and enjoy the benefits of lower monthly expenses and costs.  You can introduce your clients to new home builders and receive referral fees and commissions. You can still co-list as a non-member with your board member colleagues, and by virtue of being licensed to trade in real estate in the province of Alberta you can write listing and offer to purchase contracts.  You DO NOT need to be a member of your local board in order to trade in real estate in Alberta.  With our competitive monthly plans you can list and sell as little or as much as you want when you join Standard Realty Co.   

sell and lease commercial real estate

Do you have an established book of business and require minimal supervision in your commercial real estate dealings? Is the commission split with your current brokerage making you think that you could use those dollars to improve your personal marketing and increase your monthly transactions?  If you are an active or semi-active agent trading in commercial real estate in Alberta, we have a solution to increase your bottom line on your commercial transactions.  Standard Realty Co. is ideal for commercial agents who do not need a downtown office or the expense that comes with it.  Standard Realty Co. offers the support and has the expertise that will help you succeed in your commercial, industrial, and office sales and leasing transactions.   If you are a self-motivated, dynamic, and independent agent who wants a low monthly fee instead of a punishing commission split, Standard Realty Co. can help.


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