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FAQs About Parking Alberta Real Estate Licenses

Frequently asked questions by real estate agents in Alberta who want to know if Standard Real Estate Co. is the right brokerage to park their license with.

Isn’t membership in a board mandatory in order to be licensed to trade in real estate in Alberta?

NO, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is the ONLY licensing authority in the province and license authorization can only be granted by RECA.  All real estate brokerages, associate brokers, and associates need to be licensed by RECA to trade in real estate.  Membership in a real estate board is NOT necessary to be licensed.

Is Standard Realty Co. a member of a real estate board?

NO, Standard Realty Co. does not maintain membership in any real estate board in the province of Alberta.  Not having membership means that Standard Realty Co. and any of the brokerage’s agents do not have to pay monthly and annual board membership fees,  and there are no provincial (AREA) or national (CREA) real estate association fees.

How is Standard Realty Co. able to charge such low fees?

Standard Realty Co. runs a modest brokerage operation focusing on maintaining low overhead. Standard Realty Co. offers 24/7 broker support and, like any other brokerage, we review all listing and sales files as to ensure that all paperwork, disclosures, and agreements are compliant with the applicable legislation.  The current Alberta economy is making businesses rethink the manner by which they currently operate. Standard Realty Co. believes that large office space and associated staff often go underutilized and answering services are from a bygone era with old, antiquated technology supporting them.

Where do agents from Standard Realty Co. acquire marketing materials such as signs and business cards?

Standard Realty Co. has vendors that offer preferred pricing to our agents for business cards, signs, and many other marketing materials. If an agent would rather produce their own materials Standard Realty Co. will provide the logos, fonts, and specifications to a vendor of their choice.

Does an agent need to live in Calgary to join Standard Realty Co.?

NO, although our brokerage is located in Calgary we operate throughout Alberta.

What if I need help with a transaction or have a question?  Does Standard Realty Co. have after hours support?

If you need help or have questions we're available.  Call, email, or text anytime.  We want our agents to be successful.


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