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A real estate brokerage in the Province of Alberta where inactive agents can park and maintain their licensing status and earn referral income.


When you join Standard Realty Co. and park your license with us, you can trade in real estate anywhere in the province! Park your license with Standard Realty Co. so you can earn referral income and fees.  If you are thinking of retiring, going on maternity leave, or just need a break from your real estate business you can keep your license active for as little as $29.00 per month.  Standard Realty Co. is a licensed real estate brokerage in Alberta and does NOT maintain membership in any real estate board in the province.  Agents licensed with Standard Realty Co. do not have to pay any board fees to the Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Red Deer real estate boards or any other real estate board in Alberta.  Why would you let your real estate license expire when you can keep your real estate license active for only $29.00 per month?  Standard Realty Co.'s agents do not have to pay fees to the Alberta Real Estate Association or the Canadian Real Estate Association.  In order to trade in real estate in the Province of Alberta real estate agents need to be licensed through the Real Estate Council of Alberta and to have their license registration active with an Alberta real estate brokerage.  Remember, real estate boards and associations are NOT licensing authorities and memberships in boards and associations are not mandatory in order to sell real estate in Alberta.  Visit our frequently asked questions page for more details.

Changes to Alberta real estate licensing guidelines, especially for new licensees, underscore the importance that you know what you can and cannot do with your real estate license!  If you were an industry member prior to the requirement of stating which real estate sector you will practice in you are, in most cases, qualified to trade in all real estate sectors.  If you want to start saving money and are thinking of joining a non-board real estate brokerage it is equally important that you find out if you can list or co-list properties, represent buyers and / or sellers, or if you can ONLY be paid referral fees.  Standard Realty Co. is NOT a one dimensional brokerage and understands that sometimes it is not possible to simply refer a client to a colleague and collect a fee, sometimes you need to be able to do more!  The client relationships that agents spend years cultivating often demand maintenance even long after the client has been referred to another industry member.  If your current or future brokerage does not let you do anything other than "collect referral fees" while they simply hold your license you need to contact us!

Standard Realty Co. is a cost-effective alternative for Alberta real estate agents who want to earn commission and referral income but don't want to have high, burdensome, and unnecessary costs.  We also offer a mortgage referral program when your clients mortgage or refinance through our preferred mortgage partner.  We park licenses for inactive agents who want to take a break, retire, or need to cut expenses.  Remember, you have three years from the date of your last licensing registration to reinstate your license or else your license to sell real estate will expire.  If you choose not to reinstate your license after three years of inactivity you will be treated as a new industry member subject to the education requirements as mandated by RECA.  You can save money, time, and grief when you park your license  with Standard Realty Co.



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